Simplify C++!

I just wanted to reference an important site regarding C++. The idea is that C++ itself is not to blame for difficultly in maintainability and excess complexity. It is how the language is used. The quote from that site is:

“Instead, “Simplify C++!” is an appeal to many users of the language who tend to think too complicated when things could be done in a simple manner. It is about polishing the image of a language that is often seen as too hard to master by novice programmers and as an ancient, monstrous survivor of the old days by seasoned developers. It is about using advanced features where they are necessary and useful instead of everywhere where they are possible.”

I suspect expert programmers such as Linus Torvalds don’t hate C++ because of its inherent properties, but because of how it’s been used to solve problems in an unnecessarily complex way.


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